Allan Smithy

Allan Smithy

"In this city that never sleeps, the streets will not hide me.” Allan Smithy sings about what he knows; the suburbs, what it’s like being young, poor and trying to live in Sydney. Inspiration comes in many forms, for some they find it in old stories, for others from songs, but for Sydney’s Allan Smithy it’s all about the place.

Hailing from the inner city, Allan Smithy’s sound is self-described as nostalgia-Australiana rock. His songs are like that old fibro house on your street; slightly dated, strangely nostalgic and quintessentially Australian.

Allan Smithy is the solo venture of Matt Amery (previously Tin Sparrow) and the inspiration for the new name came from the cinematic alias ‘Alan Smithee’ that film directors often use.

“I liked the idea of using a pseudonym because it’s a totally clean slate, not only for those listening, but also for myself writing.”

From the success of his first two singles, ‘The Streets’ and ‘Four Letter Reason’ Allan Smithy recently showcased at BIGSOUND, has been consistently played on triple j, 2SER, 4ZZZ, Rabbit Radio (+ many others) and was named ‘Independent Artist of the Week’ at FBi.

“‘The Streets’ is about chasing down a run away. The idea that when you run away, the streets will keep you hidden until someone comes looking for you,” says Smithy. “I had the original idea while walking my dog and he bolted off. Bad situation. Good result.”

His follow up single ‘Four Letter Reason’ is a wash of chorus and delay with thoroughly specific lyrics that set his music to a time and place.

As a crossword and coffee aficionado, Allan Smithy is an avid believer in the aural benefits of listening to home-grown 80’s bands. He has a sense of pride in Australian music and proudly wears his influences (The Go-betweens, The Triffids and The Church) on his sleeve.

His EP ‘I See A Palm Tree,’ which is set to drop early November is like a stack of old polaroids. It’s a reminder of growing up on suburban Sydney streets and tells the stories of what it’s like to watch everyone around you grow up, search for something more and eventually leave. 


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Allan Smithy  smashed his BIGSOUND showcase, and we all know what they say, 'you never know who's in the crowd.' This has proved true for Smithy who has been picked up by New World Artist's Dominic Miller, who will be taking care of his bookings...

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