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ARSE is a band built for the times. Their genre-blasting take on punk rock nails the modern condition in a way that’suniversal yet undeniably Australian all at once, combining acerbic wit with live-wire guitars and motorik rhythms.

Their Quietus-approved debut Primitive Species (2017) is now an underground classic, followed closely by two lauded seven-inch releases: the Safe Word EP (2019) and Power Tripper (2018), a crushing collaboration with sax-noise duo Party Dozen. New single “Shame Bomb” (2021) huffs Midnight Oil’s political swagger, lamenting the wanton destruction of Australia’s sacred natural sites.

It’s another timeless entry for the band, the likes of which has seen them open for The Hard-Ons, Cosmic Psychos, Amyl And The Sniffers and These New South Whales prior to the chaos of Covid-19. This year, ARSE will return with a full length album, out soon on Grupo Records

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