Elizabeth Share New Single 'Beautiful Baby'

Today Elizabeth shares 'Beautiful Baby', the second single from her upcoming debut album The Wonderful World of Nature.

You can enjoy the stunning visuals behind the beautiful second single www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldpE-TMNOXM">here .

A dramatic ode to love lost, 'Beautiful Baby' shows the more tender side of heartache, after debut single 'Parties' introduced its destructive, excessive counterpart. The video for 'Beautiful Baby', directed by Triana Hernandez, is a queer love story and an homage to the drama of onscreen romance. Of the song and its video, Elizabeth says:

"'beautiful baby' is about leaving the chaos of a relationship behind. it's about trying to understand how a love that was so beautiful could be a thing that ends. we took a lot of inspiration from the music of twin peaks for this song, hoping to re-imagine the magical spell of angelo badalamenti and julee cruise."

Director Triana Hernandez says:
"The 'Beautiful Baby' music video is an exploration of Elizabeth's power and allure. It's a break up song that works like a spell and speaks of pain as much as it speaks of moving on. The song is emotionally intense so for this clip we worked with two of the most visually dramatic inspirations out there: Lana Del Rey and David Lynch's Twin Peaks series."