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Producer and songwriter Sasha McLeod has come out of nowhere to redefine the meaning of
groove. Her project known as Sycco (psycho) is transcending into unknown territory and
demanding attention with a psychedelic jazz aura, neo-soul undertones and undeniable stank.
Sycco is the venture of 17-year-old songwriter and producer Sasha McLeod. Since her first gig at
Little BIGSOUND November 2018, it has been a whirlwind of success for Sycco. Her debut album,
'Sycco 1/2,' was released August last year and since, has clocked up a total of 160,000 streams on
Spotify with an add in Spotify's 'Dream Pop' playlist. Her latest single 'Tamed Grief' which
dropped March this year, also saw immense positive reception locally and nationally with spins on

Triple J and Triple J Unearthed as well as various community stations.
Alongside this, Sasha has spent the first half of this year solidifying Sycco in the live scene, with
shows supporting Tia Gostelow, Seaside, Verge Collection and Emerson Snowe. Sycco is currently
gearing up to release another vibrant single, signifying a new direction for the artist, who's pop
sensibilities are emerging.

Before showcasing at 2019’s BIGSOUND Festival, Sycco will be playing the first POINT Festival on
the Sunshine Coast alongside Adrian Eagle, First Beige and DVNA as well as supporting Spacey
Jane for both their (sold out) Brisbane shows this August. Sycco is also set to open for City Calm
Down in Brisbane on their national tour and Asha Jefferies on her East-Coast tour this October.
Sycco is an artist who cannot be ignored. Her catchy melodies, groovy bass lines and soulful voice
possess echoes of psychedelic rock - an infectious combination ready for domination.

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