These New South Whales

These New South Whales

These New South Whales are a self-proclaimed “Buzz Band” from Newcastle, Australia. They bring a fresh brand of power and songwriting to post-punk. Like most bands they draw on influences from many genres including punk, garage, metal, new wave and goth but unlike most bands they have managed to embrace and enhance these influences together to merge a fresh new brand of punk.

It wasn’t long until the band earned a reputation on the Sydney underground punk scene as a raucous, unpredictable and exciting beast. Live, in 2017, These New South Whales are taking audiences to new depths. Donning nipple tape, nauseating strobe lights, smoke machines and twisted vocal FX pedals, These New South Whales create sonic hell-scapes with deeply pitch bent vocals, jarring loops and screaming, heavy guitars that effortlessly manage to engage and break down barriers by confusing, scarring/scaring (take your pick), surprising and most importantly entertaining their ever-growing fan base.

These New South Whales is a constantly evolving beast and an experiment in creativity and performance through the punk lens. 2015 saw the band set out to blur the lines even further by releasing a mockumentary online series about the band giving the performance art aspect new channels to evolve and reach audiences beyond the live stage. Inspired by real audience reactions and engagement to the the band and it’s live performances, the series is, at it’s core, a satire and commentary on the music industry at large, musicians themselves and a playful exploration of
punk music and the archetypal characters that exist in and around this world.

Highly acclaimed by fans, media and peers alike, the mockumentary series features cameos from local and international heros including METZ, CHVRCHES, Royal Headache, DMA’s, Kirin J Callinan and DZ Deathrays with Season Two (in the works) set to include cameos from The Cure, Jimmy Barnes and Daniel Johns to
name a few.

“The best mockumentary since Spinal Tap” - Monster Children
“They’re rich with self deprecating humour” - Noisey
“Sydney’s most revered punk band” - Triple J

In 2017 off the back of singles Meat Hook , We Don’t Need You Anymore and Cholesterol Heart , These New South Whales are set to release their debut album, You Work For Us. Recorded DIY in a WWII bunker in regional NSW and due for release in August 2017, the album consists of 14 mad-eyed and sharp-tongued punk songs, covering 28 minutes of explosive power which is as inwardly and outwardly flagellating as it is boisterous and triumphant.

The band are now poised for big year as they get set to release their debut album with national and international touring in their sights. Haircuts are going to be blown off and nipples are going to bleed, fuck ya and god bless!


These New South Whales release their debut album!

Sydney punk band These New South Whales today release their debut LP, You Work For Us. Independently released, the album includes previously released singles ‘Meat Hook’, ‘We Don’t Need You Anymore’, ‘Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)’ and ‘Space...

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