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Yù Yi

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Once upon a time Mister Hugo lived on a little planet called Earth. Hugo cherished the planet he grew up on and did his best to nurture both his friends and the environment. But as Hugo grew older, he watched the world he loved slowly turn sour and the ones he loved turn sick. This made him awfully upset.


Hugo was always a bright, starry-eyed boy and had spent most of his days with his head in the clouds. So it came as no surprise when one morning he had an ingenious idea. He decided to blast himself out of the Milky Way and into another galaxy towards a hopeful future for him and his friends.


On his first cosmic adventure, Mister Hugo discovers planet FRÖÖTI, a vibrant yet peculiar little world sandwiched between two giant purple suns. Upon landing, Hugo befriends a woman named Ellen who tells him of a particular calamity taking place on the planet. Hugo learns about the history of a healthy and harmonious species that turned into a disastrous hoard of gluttonous pests who now ravage the land. The unhealthy habits of these creatures have the small planet’s days decreasing at a rapid rate. Together Ellen and Hugo set out to restore FRÖÖTI back to a flourishing state and rekindle a love for its environment among its population.


There are many more challenges for Hugo and his friends to overcome. So, jump on board and  join us on our next adventure.!


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