NEW WORLD ARTISTS is an Australian live music booking agency and concert tour promoter. The company was founded in 2006 and has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. New World Artists represents contemporary musicians, comedians and public figures. The agency’s wide roster of music acts ranges from Pop, Hip-Hop and Electronic to Rock, Metal and Roots.

Our clients include prominent musicians, comedians, content creators and public figures. We have booking agents based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with a global reach to Asia, Europe, NZ, South Africa, UK and USA.

We are renowned for our personalised service and work closely with our artists and their teams to create unique career growth opportunities and strategies. Utilising our vast industry experience, long term relationships and a deep understanding of audiences, we prioritise the integrity and longevity of our clients’ careers.

New World Artists is committed to the live entertainment business. We have superior capabilities in promotion, ticketing and data analytics and specialise in collaborating with large scale corporate events, festival start-ups and major brand sponsors. We develop artists into major headline acts and work with established performers to ensure their careers are credible, relevant and iconic for generations.

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