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For something to succeed you don’t need a formula – you need a solid foundation on which everything can be built. And few in music have set a foundation as strong as Gyroscope.

The foundation is what we hold true to, whether it be the foundation of being around for a while or it be that we’ve done so much touring and travelling and seen so many things and met so many people,” singer-guitarist Dan Sanders says. “The band has become a backbone in each member. Each of us, our lives are almost all made up of playing in this band. It’s the foundation, the backbone, and we realise we’ve got to this point through this. And these opportunities don’t come around every day.

It is from the mere fact that the band formed when they were still at school, to the size of their enormous fan base built on more than a decade of releases and relentless touring, that the Perth rock quartet has shown that while nothing in music can be foretold, the right foundation makes anything possible.

We’re at our best when we’re playing live and that’s what people know us for,” says guitarist Trivic
Gyroscope return to the studio in 2019 to the writing and demoing process that points towards a late 2019 new album release.

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