Jordy Maxwell

Jordy Maxwell

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Jordy Maxwell brightly emerged into the Perth music scene in January 2017. At 27, Jordy was a late bloomer to music and song writing but, since 2017, has proven how important music is for people to express their stories and to experience an emotion through his heartfelt, honest lyrics and his soulful, raw voice. Jordy's live performances are becoming quite renowned for his uncanny ability to hold the audience with his engaging storytelling and introspective look on life. 

After releasing his third EP, ‘The Sweetest Days’, Jordy was the Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist, getting rave reviews from the Triple J team and listeners of Triple J. His open and vulnerable outlook through his music really resonated with a large audience. The future is looking bright.

With over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say Jordy's music is well appreciated all over the world. Jordys songs have been used in various videos for major companies such as O’Neil Surf, Deus Ex Machina, Billabong and many more.

Currently in the recording studio to record more music for 2021, Jordy is planning a national tour in what has been a frustrating time to tour outside of WA. Sharing his music, telling stories and performing for large audiences is what Jordy thrives on.

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