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Nat's What I Reckon

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Content creator, comedian, rock musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health ambassador Nat has been making videos as Nat’s What I Reckon for almost a decade, with his hilarious social commentary collecting Nat a quickly growing, dedicated audience of over 1.6 million along the way, and videos clocking up views close to 100 million across all platforms.

Finding entertainment everywhere from the weird to the pedestrian and with his love for taking the playful and thorough piss out of his surroundings, Nat has expounded on everything from trade shows and tattoo events to burnout festivals and exploring Area 51.

His tongue-in-cheek channel has provided Nat with a platform to hold a mirror up to the bizarrity of masculine culture and societal politics, often unveiling irony and making light of how strange everyday life can be. As Nat told The Guardian, “I’ve always made fun of that narrow-minded boofhead thing. The trade-show reviews I did were all about sticking it to boys’ clubs. Boatsburnouts, that kind of shit.”

Nat has been open about his battle with anxiety and depression – including thoughtfully reviewing mental health for an ‘Is It Sh*t?’ segment on his channel. He was an ambassador for The Big Anxiety Festival, again using his platform to destigmatise the experience by encouraging conversation and using his wit to give fellow sufferers a laugh.

In 2020 Nat branched out into fully-fledged live shows, performing everything from stand-up comedy to online creator film events. His debut live tour On Purpose is a multi-media extravaganza – with audience participation, video and even an anxiety game show. His honest, forthright and sometimes touching style has earned Nat a strong and engaged social media community, who eagerly snapped up tickets to experience Nat’s live show – selling out and adding shows Australia wide.

Nat declared war against processed food. After observing that pasta jar-sauce shelves had been picked clean by hoarders but fresh produce sections were full and untouched, Nat launched a no-nonsense instructional video on one of his tried and true pasta sauce recipes. With his classic, sweary style and signature cheery spin and whistle the clip immediately went to a new level of viral for Nat. This new pivot for the channel has seen Nat’s audience expand rapidly, winning him A-List fans including Dave Grohl and Yael Stone, and most importantly successfully getting people back into cooking fresh produce and away from packaged meals!

When he’s not filming or having strangers ask him how hot it is, Nat can often be found indulging his love of rock n roll, playing in various bands around Sydney.

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