Hands Like Houses '-Anon.' Triple J Feature Album This Week

Hands Like Houses '-Anon.' Triple J Feature Album This Week

The Canberrans land a hot punch with their new album, -Anon.

Album Number Four. Let's face it, once you break free from the debut album expectations and weather the oft-critiqued 'sophomore' record space, a band can do some great work when it comes to new music.

Plunging themselves into new influences or perhaps further exploring solid foundations laid down on previous releases, by the time a band finds themselves in the guts of a growing body of work, the results are always bound to be interesting.

With -Anon., Hands Like Houses have taken stock of their decade-long career and have emerged from their sessions rejuvenated, with an album that marries the intensity of earlier releases with a generous lashing of fun and melody that positions the band very much in the now.

Recording -Anon. in Hollywood with Colin Brittain (All Time Low), Hands Like Houses capture ferocious energy on the record, with 'Monster' and 'Kingdom Come' standing out as immediate examples of the band's refined musicality.

A strong sense of identity can also be heard on -Anon.. As frontman Trenton Woodley explains, each song has its place on the record, and their significance can be experienced whether or not the listener is a long-time fan or newcomer.

"There's what we create, and there's us. When people know who we are, it adds an extra layer of meaning and significance to the concept, but when they don't, the song still stands up on its own."

-Anon. may centre on a theme of duality but the quintessential Hands Like Houses trademarks remain. A catchy, chaotic effort.


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