Golden Vessel Releases New Single 'MOONSTONE'

Golden Vessel Releases New Single 'MOONSTONE'

Golden Vessel has been on our radar for some time now with his globular, earworm-beats and a seriously enviable visual aesthetic.

The catchy collab between Golden Vessel and friends looks like it was an absolute blast to film, we just wish we were cool enough to join their colourful dance party at the end of the clip.

multi-genre collaborative force

Melting fluid beats with space bound production, ‘MOONSTONE’ is the woozy new single out today from Golden Vessel and features silky appearances from frequent collaborators and friends Elkkle and Akurei. The track revolves around the theme of missed opportunities and the frustrations that result from knowing you were capable of achieving them.

Says Golden Vessel: "I remember I wrote the word ‘Moonstone’ down on my iphone notes when I was out and about, and then that night I googled it and started reading about all the missing and stolen moon rocks that got brought back from the first Apollo missions. A couple of nights later Elkkle, Akurei and I were hanging out and we started making a beat. Akurei recorded some guitar and Elkkle chopped it up and then we built around that. I started telling them about the stolen moonstones and then morphed it into a metaphor for a conversation we were having earlier about missed opportunities and when we or friends miss out on something that should’ve been in reach (and the frustration around that). The stolen moonstones became the missed opportunities and we all started writing."

The release of 'MOONSTONE' comes on the final day of his current national tour which has seen audiences hypnotised by his dynamic live show and signature aesthetic. With stops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth behind him, tonight is Sydney’s turn.

The single will be accompanied by a space-themed Harry Deadman-directed music video next week when it premieres via Ones To Watch - keep an eye out for the sneaky guest appearance from one of Golden Vessel’s previous collaborators!

MOONSTONE’ follows on from ‘BIGBRIGHT’ which is currently receiving national radio and community radio airplay and had one of the most fun videos of 2018, and ‘Hesitate’ ft. Emerson Leif, which is sitting at over 5.5 million streams on Spotify alone, and has also received national and community airplay.