Golden Vessel Releases 'MOONSTONE' Clip

Last Friday Golden Vessel released a woozy new single MOONSTONE’ ft. Elkkle and Akurei and today he's delivering the accompanying space-themed video.


For the visuals Golden Vessel has again teamed up with film-maker/director Harry Deadman, and also has his good friend Mallrat making a sneaky guest appearance. Harry Deadman was behind Golden Vessel’s triple j J Award nominated video for ‘BIGBRIGHT’ ft. Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH, as well as the 2017 release ‘Less~More’ featuring OKBADLANDS.

Says Golden Vessel: "I wanted to work with Harry Deadman from again after working so well together on the BIGBRIGHT clip but we wanted to do something very different. I wanted to re-enact a fake moon landing but then discover these valuable moonstones on the fake moon and space-fight a friend for them. We got my friend Grace aka Mallrat in and filming it was so fun and relaxed. We involved Dave Court again, who also did set design on BIGBRIGHT, to build a moon set in a warehouse and he did such an amazing job."


'MOONSTONE' ft. Elkkle and Akurei incorporates Byrne’s signature cross-genre style, while being ignited by real world historical events: in 1998, US federal law enforcement launched an investigation into missing moon rocks from one of its original NASA trips into space on Apollo 11. The specimens once brought back to earth in 1969 were distributed across the world in the famous Goodwill Moon Rocks initiative, only to, nearly 30 years later, have mostly vanished or become untraceable. As he heard about this confounding mystery, Byrne wrote down his ideas and wrote “Moonstone,” a track that relates such a story to our everyday life. And in transforming this history into music the only way Golden Vessel can, 'MOONSTONE' ft. Elkkle and Akurei shines in its intimate daydream of scintillating, futuristic production.