Butterfingers Conclude '15 Years of Fatboys' Tour

Butterfingers Conclude '15 Years of Fatboys' Tour

Brisbane's favourite misfit rap group Butterfingers wrapped up their huge 15 Years of Fatboys tour in Byron Bay this past weekend, marking 21 shows around the country celebrating the release of their renound debut album.

With some help from Melbourne rapper Fresh Violet, Butterfingers set out to remind audiences around the country that they're still one of the most entertaining and captivating live acts in Australia.

With 21 shows spanning from their hometown of Brisbane to Perth and everywhere in between, Butterfingers are now more ready than ever to get back in the studio and back out on the road.

Being 15 years on from it's release Butterfingers were able to perform every track for their debut album with the help from modern sampling technology, delivering some of their greatest performances to date. 

'Slipping from hip-hop to rock at the drop of a hat, they manage to sound like a different group on almost every song, truly delivering something for everyone in each and every tune.' - Tyler Jenke for Tonedeaf.

With the band back in action and their live show better than ever, you can expect Butterfingers to be back out on the road with fresh material before you know it.

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Photo by: Emily Hollit for Good Call Live