These New South Whales are elated to share new single ‘Do You Connect?’ off their second studio album, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do, independently released today. The track comes fresh off the back of their recent episode on Jack Wagner and Brandon Wardell's iconic 'Yeah, But Still' podcast which aired earlier this week. Never content to sit still, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do marks a decisive progression for one of Australia’s most tenaciously hardworking bands. 

Of the record, vocalist Jamie Timony shares, “Our second album marks a new epoch for us as a band. We started TNSW as a joke. We never expected that it would last this long and it has because there is a synergy between us. We love creating things together. IJDWGTMTD feels like it begins this new chapter for us well and we are excited to see where it can grow from here.”
Produced by Jonathan Boulet of Party Dozen and ARSE, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is an unrelentingly catchy second outing from the group, swapping the darker palette of their debut for a sunnier sound with distorted but bright, clangy guitars and a driving rhythm section - a combination that’s more indebted to their post punk influences than ever. Pushing themselves stylistically, the band display their refined musical chops and matured, concise songwriting, trading politics for more introspective and personal subject matters. In the short term, it’s a pivot that might come as a surprise. In the long term, it sets the Melbourne-based four-piece up for a future without horizons. Nevertheless, there’s an undeniable, unquenchable punk attitude that animates the record: short, fast, loud and raw music delivered with a snarl and a full heart.

I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is the follow-up to their 2017 debut LP You Work For Us, with radio singles 'Meat Hook', 'Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)' and 'We Don't Need You Anymore' drawing critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, NME, Album Of The Week at FBi Radio upon release and more. In the wake of this success These New South Whales took their obscenely compelling live show from the Sydney circuit to stages around the world, including The Great Escape, Live at Leeds, BIGSOUND Festival and Secret Garden. Now with their follow up record, they deliver on the promise and anticipation that has followed them through lead singles 'Nerve 2 Reverse' and 'In The Light Of Day,' which landed spot rotation on triple j and FBi Radio.

To celebrate the release of their second LP, These New South Whales will be taking their I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do Tour across Australia this month, with RAAVE TAPES, ARSE, Publique and The Bearded Pelvis on support. 

These New South Whales are many things: a band, a tv show, a phenomenon. Season One of their Comedy Central mockumentary series ‘These New South Whales’ saw the band chart the peaks and troughs of life as a band starting out in the punk underground. From touring to bandmate drama to subpar managers, music industry hubbub and everything in between, These New South Whales (the series) quickly became a kind of Spinal Tap for that one hyper-local band we all know, birthing a cult following all of its own. Written by the band themselves, and executive produced by Laura Waters (Lunatics, Summer Heights High), Roger O’Donnell of The Cure and Jeffrey Walker (Modern Family), Season Two was bigger, better and unforgivably hilarious. With Season Three currently in the works plus the release of their second album, These New South Whales won’t be leaving the public consciousness anytime soon.