Jordan Dennis Releases New Single "My Way"

Jordan Dennis Releases New Single "My Way"

'Dennis showcases his style blending melodic singing with rapping in the best way possible paired with the uplifting instrumental' - This Song Is Sick

On their own, Melbourne-based artists Jordan Dennis and UNO Stereo have begun fruitful solo careers, but today they share their first collaborative single 'My Way'. It's the first taste of material the two have worked on together, finding common ground in their work to date. 

Jordan Dennis is the upstart Melbourne rapper, who early in 2018 released his breakout single'Crumbs', which quickly sprinted to over a million plays on Spotify and launched a frenzy of interest in the 20 year old, who also moonlights as live frontman of Billy Davis & The Good LordsUNO Stereo is the Platinum selling, ARIA Award winning record producer behind Khalid’s 'Cold Blooded' from the breakout superstar double platinum debut American Teen

Together, Jordan and UNO create upscale, modern, R&B infused hip-hop and ‘My Way’ is the first taste of their newly formed partnership, born from a mutual appreciation of new school rap sounds and classic production values.  

'My Way' finds Jordan in a slightly darker, but no less compelling space than Crumbs, with the young artist weaving introspective lyrics about his personal circumstances as faithful young Australian across UNO’s rich production, which recalls the underground Southern soul of Goodie Mob, UGK and Big KRIT. 

Of the track, Jordan says, "I knew UNO and I could do something special, but I was struggling to write something that complemented his beautiful beat. Eventually whilst away with my guys Blasko and Tentendo, I found myself contemplating how blessed I am to be in this position with such amazing artists and even better friends, something I can never take for granted. Sometimes it feels like I don’t deserve this life, and even though I can stray and things can go sideways, God always understands and provides for me through my family, friends and circumstances. I know I'm headed in the right direction and having the opportunity to work with a man as great as UNO is a prime example of that"

UNO remarks, “My Way’ was the first full song Jordan and I recorded together,  and I knew straight away this kid was IT.  He was so confident in his delivery and writing that we only had the most minor adjustments to make. It represents both of our favourite type of rap songs - melodic, soulful and lyrical but still knocks”