Phil Jamieson Announced on Easy Fever Tour

Phil Jamieson announced as part of the Easyfever tour singing the hits of The Easybeats and Stevie Wright with an all-star lineup!

Empire Touring is thrilled to bring you music from The Easybeats and Steve Wright, performed by Australia’s rock n roll royalty:  Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Kram, Tex Perkins & Tim Rogers.  This full blown musical experience is bound to resonate with music aficionados.

The Easybeats left an undeniable mark on Australian music history by becoming the first local band to generate an international hit.  They steered a new era of people away from mainstream music culture and earned them comparisons to the likes of The Beatles.  In Australia, they were the reigning kings of rock & roll from the summer of 1965, assembling a string of eight Top Ten chart hits in a year and a half, including an EP that managed the unusual feat of making the singles chart.  ‘’Friday On My Mind” was a huge success, reaching number one in Australia, number six in Britain and making it into the top 20 in the US.  They went on to record several more hits including ‘’Sorry’’, ‘’She’s So Fine’’, ‘’Wedding Ring’’, and ‘’Good Times’’.

After The Easybeats broke up in 1969, Stevie Wright released his debut solo album Hard Road in 1974, which spawned the three-part epic single ‘’Evie’’, to a phenomenal response.  After the single was released, it shot to No. 1 and remained in the charts for 26 weeks – it became the biggest Australian single of that particular year and the only pop song over six minutes to reach No 1.  In 1979, Stevie Wright headlined The Concert of the Decade on the steps of Sydney Opera House, which featured a stellar line-up of acts.  It was there that he performed Evie (complete) – which after all these years, is still referred to as a mind-blowing experience, by the thousands of adoring fans that were there on the day.

In 2005, The Easybeats were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.  To this day, their music continues to inspire and transcend new generations of musicians and music lovers, particularly, the all-star team of Aussie artists that will perform songs of The Easybeats in December this year.

‘’The Australian rock’n’roll landscape would look very different without the contribution of the Easybeats.  The energy and electricity of those old black and white TV performances have always been a source of Inspiration to me.  I get goosebumps thinking about it. They are one of the most influential Aussie bands ever and rightly bloody so. The combined musical brilliance of that band and the songwriting skills means their tunes are absolutely timeless.’’