Feki Signs With New World Artists

Brisbane producer Feki is onto a good thing of late dropping a stunning run of originals and remixes after featuring on 'Volume 3' of our free compilation series.

The latest news for the young upstart is getting picked up by Australian booking agency New World Artists that already boast a number of frontal producers including Slumberjack, Willow Beats, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, The Meeting Tree and more.

With Edwin Tehrani of NWA positive about the signing;

“We are constantly looking for the leaders in each genre, we feel that Feki is creating sounds way above his years, and are very excited to be working with him and Mutual Friends on his live career”

With such a solid team around and supporting him the future looks bright for Feki. Be sure to check him out at this years Outsidein Festival in Sydney next month.