Tyne-James Organ Releases New Single 'Graceful'

If you cast your mind back to when Tyne-James Organ released 'Watch You Go', you might remember how quick he was to wrap listeners up in a rich and generous soundscape that also had Organ wear his heart on sleeve. A favourite on triple j Unearthed, the Melbourne based, Wollongong original showed great potential from the jump.

Fast forward to this week: Tyne-James is back and unsurprisingly, the 23 year old is busy casually smashing it on the road and on record.

Releasing his new single 'Graceful', Tyne-James has showed more diversity in his sound, certainly more versatility, without ditching any of that charm or captivating nature of his vocals that had people hooked on previous releases.

Rhythmic, breathy and bolstered by catchy melody, 'Graceful' is the type of song perfect for long drives or closer to home, it's perfect for the live show enviroment.

Touring with LANKS at the moment is giving Tyne-James more opportunities to cut his teeth on national stages and with BIGSOUND coming up, we can only imagine the type of response that awaits him there as he continues to become one of 2018's most buzzed about young songwriters. The tour winds up in Victoria this weekend.

Original Article: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/news/musicnews/first-spin-tyne-james-organ-graceful/10157016