Bugs Release New Single 'Sweetener'

Brisbane’s Bugs are thrilled to announce the release of their newest track, ‘Sweetener’. The sugary summertime single encapsulates the feeling of pure infatuation, and serves as the first taste of their forthcoming sophomore album due for release in 2019.

The single release comes during the band’s widely successful tour with Adelaide’s The Hard Aches, and follows the news Bugs will be performing at The Hills Are Alive festival in March next year. Bugs will also celebrate their hectic 2018 with a special Christmas show at the Hamilton Hotel in Brisbane in December, joined by their friends RAAVE TAPES, Seaside, Bloom Parade, Dumb Things, and The Buzzing Towers.

Sweetener’ shows Bug’s sensitive side, inspired by a loving summertime fling. Drawn from a deeply personal experience, it’s a feelgood tune full of times of bubbly and youthful sentiments.

As a band we stand for wearing your heart on your sleeve, your cause on your shirt - but also having some fun and not taking yourself too seriously,” says lead vocalist Connor Brooker. “Young people can be so hard on themselves. This is something that manifests in different ways for all people, but with considered themes and honest songwriting we want to connect with those people who feel isolated by being emotional and passionate individuals.

Behind the scenes, Bugs’ own drummer Brock Weston recorded and mixed the track at Bedlam Studios. The band also worked with Tyson Ruth from Studio Truth who mastered the final product.

With this song we wanted to encapsulate the bubbly feeling of gushing over a summer time sweetheart or crush,” Connor continues. “When you meet someone who makes you want to be a better person; and all of the chemical highs that come with that as a result of the total infatuation.”

We just want it to represent that pure and jubilant emotion, it’s a fun song about falling in love. It’s that feeling of someone beautiful walking into your life, kicking the door open and enveloping you in the light / aura surrounding them.

Crashing through the waves as you dive into the first day of summer, the initial light that breaks through the clouds after a storm - the colours of the flowers seem more vivid, the air flows fresh, the shared meals taste better - that person who just makes everything in your life that little bit more magic.”