Clea Reveals Candid Video for 'Insecurity'

Clea returns today with a candid and charming video accompaniment to ‘Insecurity’; a track about embracing vulnerability, lifted from Clea’s debut album ‘Vermillion’. The video comes hot on the heels of Clea’s single, ‘Dreaming’, being named the Song of the Year  at the 2019 Queensland Music Awards.
From a lyrical perspective, Clea explains that the track is about “the realisation that honesty and vulnerability are crucial to any relationship. Self-defense is rendered unnecessary, all that’s needed is an acknowledgement of character fallibility, the blight and nature of every human head and heart.” 
Directed, filmed and edited by Clea herself, along with friend Lily Cotter, the video for ‘Insecurity’ sees a series of candid, picturesque moments shared between friends.
 “The clip was filmed in Far North Queensland with my two best friend,” Clea says. “I move and breathe in the beauty of the tropics, all my insecurities fade away at the edge of the world with the people I love. That’s not to say they still don’t exist, but for a short period of time I am able to retreat into the deep blue water of a volcanic crater and gain a clear perspective that is otherwise impossible to see in the cluster of the city.”